Our Story

Unfortunately for guys over the years, many of the great traditional barbershops have closed down. Guys have been left with very few good choices. We can go to a woman's salon and read Redbook while we wait. We can go to one of the few traditional barbershops that are left, and that many times looks like it is ready to fall down and hasn't seen a good cleaning in 25 years. Or we can go to a new "barbershop" that no longer looks or feels like a real man's barbershop. Most of the new barbershops look like they got a focus group of women together for the design of the barbershop who were trying to imagine what a guy would want in a barbershop. They may have some sports pictures on the wall, use a tool box for a barber station, and they might even play rock music. But they just aren't the traditional barbershop so many men wish they could go to. And so many of them rush you through a haircut like a herd of cattle.

Flashback Barbershop is like the barbershop your dad took you to when you were a kid... Only way more cool.    It is the traditional barbershop... Reborn.

When we set out to start a barbershop we had one simple objective. We wanted to create a barbershop experience that would bring back the great memories that many men have of going to the barbershop with their dad. It wasn't just a haircut. It was a time of bonding with dad in a real man's place. It made you feel like you were one of the men, just like dad. So if you are one of the guys who has these kind of memories, come on down and re-live the good-old-days. If you never had that kind of experience, no problem, come on down and experiece it for the first time. And bring your son and create some memories that he will remember for the rest of his life.

We believe that there are some basic things that makes an authentic, traditional barbershop experience. First, when you get a haircut, your neck should be shaved with hot lather and a straight razor. Next, the barbershop should be an open floorplan so that when you are waiting for your son or buddy to get a haircut you can sit across from him and see and talk to him. The modern idea of isolated bays for getting a haircut and a seperate waiting room are for a salon, not a real barbershop. A real barbershop is a place of community for guys to hang-out and talk about sports and maybe even a bit of politics and religion every now-and-then. Another thing a real barbershop should have is a shoeshine stand. You should be able to get a straight razor shave on your face. You should be able to relax with a wet hot towel on your face while you get a neck and shoulder massage. And last but certainly not least, a real barbershop should have the old-fashioned, huge, genuine Koken barberchairs that are red, white and chrome and recline for when you get a shave. These are the things that we believe make a real barbershop. And Flashback Barbershop has all of these things in spades.

In addition to giving the traditional barbershop experience we also wanted to offer some modern convienencies that guy's want. In Flashback Barbershop, every guy has their own TV to watch. And every guy gets their own remote control so they can watch what they want. Mabe you want to watch a Broncos game. Maybe a news channel. Maybe your son wants to watch cartoons. It's your option. We also have a state-of-the art computer system that allows for booking your visit. This is a great way to avoid long waits and to guarantee you will get the barber of your choice. Speaking of barbers, all of the people who will cut your hair are licensed barbers. Not cosmotologists. This means they can all give straight razor shaves, something a cosmotoligist can't do.

Most of all, Flashback Barbershop strives to provide each patron the best experience and highest quality cuts and shaves that we can possibly provide. If you are not completely satisfied with the service you recieved just let the owner know and he will do everything posible to make it right. We want every person who enters our doors to leave with a great experience, a great haircut, and feeling like a million bucks. Life is too short to settle for a 10 minute, $10 haircut.